The usability of an interface depends on how well it is suited to the available input devices and screen. A game that works excellently on a desktop PC with mouse and keys might be miserable on a console when using a controller — and vice versa. Similarly, a game may have just the right interface on a tablet, but be a bit limiting when played on a laptop. Thus, when reviewing a game’s interface, it matters which platform it is reviewed on. I will always note which platform I played the game on (and it will usually be PC), and also the controller used (which will usually be mouse and keys).

It is possible to adapt an interface (even just with small tweaks) to different platforms, so being multiplatform is no excuse for a poor interface. Porting a game to a new platform is not just a matter of getting the code to compile: it’s also about making it run well, and that includes usability as well as performance. If I’m playing a game on PC and it’s horribly unusable, I don’t care that it works like a dream on PS4.


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